Welcome to Shammas Publishing

Welcome to Shammas Publishing featuring young author Anna E. Shammas, a talented writer with her first book published at the age of 5. Anna has currently eight children books including Very Snowy, the Star that was an Angel, Imagine, the Fan that Does not Stop Turning, Picture Day, My Great Family Vacation, Mystery of the Haunted House and Recorder Karate. She also has recently published her first fiction for young adults and teens The Adventures of Sophie The London Beginning.  She is the youngest author to become a member of the Midwest Writing Center. She has worked with several illustrators including award-winning and Disney illustrator,Vic Guiza, Italian illustrator Carla Castagno and Quad Cities illustrator Lynn Majetic. Anna’s books can all be found on Amazon.com under Anna E Shammas in both ebooks and paperback.

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