Mystery of the Haunted House

After publishing her first six books – Very Snowy, Imagine, The Star that is an Angel, The Fan That Does Not Stop Turning, Picture Day, and My Great Family Vacation – Anna’s passion for writing continues to be seen in The Mystery of the Haunted House.  Anna takes us on a journey of adventure where she encounters skeletons, ghosts, goblins, witches, and evil cats. She discovers she has good powers which she can put to good use to defeat evil.  This story like Anna’s previous stories centers around the happiness of being together with her family.  The love she shares with her family particularly her brothers remains evident.

Exquisitely illustrated by Victor Guiza, this story brings to life the rich imagination and story-telling abilities that Anna possesses at this very young age.

Available as Paperback from Shammas Publishing Co.

Price: $ 5.61

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