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Adventures of Sophie

After publishing her first 8 books – Very Snowy, Imagine, The Star that is an Angel, The Fan That Does Not Stop Turning, Picture Day, My Great Family Vacation, Mystery of the Haunted House and Recorder Karate– Anna’s passion for writing continues to be seen in The Asventures of Sophie The London Beginning. This fiction story for young adults and teens was best described by author Misty Urban “ You are about to have the incredible good fortune of meeting the Gallo family…And at the center of this wonderful, brave, smart, and funny family is Sophie, whose sparkling personality and big heart will win you over from the very first chapter, when she rescues a forlorn German Shepherd puppy… Some people are born storytellers, and Anna Shammas is one of them. You’re in capable hands. Join the adventures of Sophie and enjoy the laughter, tears, lessons, and fun brought to you by the Gallo family and their friends. It’s a world you’ll be glad to be part of.”




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